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New Inventions That Are At Another Level - Amazing Products & Concept Ideas

While I was surfing YouTube, I came across this particular channel called Quantum Tech HD (link here) and saw one of their video titled "New Inventions That Are At Another Level - Amazing Products & Concept Ideas". It was posted on Jun 23, 2023 and has garnered more than 1 million views so far and counting.

I loved some of the inventions featured in the video and would like to share this video with you.

List of inventions featured in the video:

  1. Wave Simulator at 0:17

  2. Basketball Probase at 0:31

  3. Automatic Painting Robot at 1:10

  4. Exoskeleton Leg Support & Chair at 1:43

  5. The Outrider Coyote at 1:58

  6. Ski Simulator at 2:29

  7. Pneumatic Rubber Fenders at 2:38

  8. Electronic Surfing Board at 3:02

  9. AI Massage Robot at 3:14

  10. Somatic AI Washroom Cleaner at 3:33

  11. Markit Picture Hanging Tool at 4:02

  12. Veltins Umbrella Tap at 4:31

  13. Any Level Lift at 4:38

  14. Sarl Piano Lift at 5:15

  15. Colibri M22 Folding Motorcycle at 5:56

  16. Ruthman Cargo Loader RCP75 at 6:20

  17. Personal Vaccum Assisted Climbing Device at 6:57

  18. Dual Robot Arm Large-Format Drone PD6B-AW-ARM at 7:17

  19. Vryptona Restaurant Food Delivery to Table at 7:46

  20. Breezybrella at 7:52

  21. Padcaster at 8:06

  22. Cutcam Series 1 at 8:38

  23. Lawn Aerator Roller at 9:08

  24. Lift Aircraft at 9:13

Personally, I really liked the Automatic Painting Robot and the Somatic AI Washroom Cleaner. I felt that both of these inventions are game changers in their own field and most importantly they reduce the need for physical labor to do an otherwise labor intensive job.

Which ones do you like most?

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